Funny Tiger Head Style Natural Latex Masquerade Halloween Cosplay Mask Light Orange

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Makes everything you do awesomely creepy

You need these masks. They will turn the most mundane situation into the real-life embodiment of a David Lynch film. They're wonderfully large, detailed, and creep-tastic.

Just look at that pigeon in the picture below. After he finishes scoring a goal, he's going to eat your kneecap. Yikes... in a good way.

Choose from four amazingly creepy styles

Our awesome Animal Head Masks are currently available in many detailed styles.Get them all. Your friends (or soon-to-be-new-friends) will want in on this glorious mask action.


  • Made of high quality natural latex, this funny mask has soft interior touch sense
  • Special and unique tiger head style
  • Suitable for any Mardi gras, Halloween, prom, wedding or other costume parties
  • You will be the focus in the masquerade with this mask
  • Lightweight and durable
  • This mask is a good choice for someone special


ColorLight Orange
Weight13.05 oz / 370 g
MaterialNatural Latex
Head CircumferenceAbout 25.19" / 64cm
HeightAbout 12.20" / 31cm
Applicable GenderMen / Women

Package Includes

  • 1 x Mask

Extra Info

Is the unicorn mask truly magical?The chosen few will know how to wield its great power.
How do you see out of them?Holes, son! Each mask has strategically-placed eye holes. Placing them somewhere besides the eyes of the mask (so that the eyes on the mask are solid) amplifies the creep factor of each mask.
Are they one size fits all?They're probably too large for very small children in that the eye holes may not line up conveniently.
When am I going to wear this?I'm not sure if there's enough room on the internet to list all of the places. But, we'll try! The DMV. The McDonald's drive-through. All first dates. Your ultimate frisbee try-outs. Senior pictures. Your friend's cousin's quincea?era. All bachelor parties. Most bachelorette parties. Every last Thursday of November. Bowling. Trips to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Open houses. Parent-teacher conferences. And every formal occasion including weddings, graduations, and job interviews

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